60% of Influencer Campaigns Don't Break-Even. Our AI Builds the Profitable Ones.

95% of influencers overcharge and 60% of brand deals don't break-even. Dreamwell helps brands cut costs and increase revenue with influencers.

Influencer Marketing
Made Simple

Dreamwell takes the guesswork out of influencer marketing through automated influencer prospecting based on your brand's website, industry-leading influencer ad pricing formulas, and our performance pixel that helps increase conversion.


Automated Discovery

Save time by automatically finding the perfect influencers based on your brand's website. Find your most profitable prospects using our scoring system.

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CRM for Your Influencers

Manage and streamline your influencer campaigns with ease. Automate key processes like influencer outreach, negotiations, and ad script writing.

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Sales Attribution

Understand influencer performance, campaign reach, and conversion rates with easy-to-read analytics from our tracking pixel.

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Pricing Tools to Stay Profitable

Stop guessing when it comes to influencer pricing. With our platform, either negotiate rates that ensure profitable collaborations or walk away from a doomed deal before you spend the budget.

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Dynamic Landing Pages

Increase conversion rate by automatically swapping landing page content with better-targeted messaging for specific audiences.

Serve these personalizations based on visitor behaviour, interests, and traffic source to give your customers a more relevant experience.

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Cut Costs and Increase Your ROAS

  • Automated Influencer Prospecting
  • Influencer Pricing Formulas
  • Brand Deal CRM Automation
  • Conversion Tracking Pixel
  • Influencer Markets and Insights
  • Dynamic Landing Pages