Measure Your Success with Dreamwell's Sales Attribution Pixel

Get a clear picture of your ROI. Our sales attribution pixel accurately measures your influencer marketing success.

Understanding Sales Attribution

Dreamwell's sales attribution pixel helps you measure success across all channels. With our Dreamwell pixel and Shopify integration, you can calculate accurate ROI for all ad spend and continually improve efficiency.


Cross-Channel Tracking

Track the performance of your influencer campaigns across all channels. Understand where your traffic is coming from and which influencers are driving it.


ROI Calculation

Get an accurate understanding of your return on investment. Our pixel can integrate with Shopify stores and other websites to calculate ROI for each campaign.


Efficiency Improvement

Use your ROI insights to improve your campaigns. Discover which influencers and strategies work best, and use this knowledge to drive your future marketing decisions.

The Benefits of Sales Attribution Pixel

Use Dreamwell's sales attribution to gain actionable insights and drive your influencer marketing success.

Improve Decision Making

With accurate ROI data, you can make more informed decisions. Know which campaigns and influencers are worth investing in.

Increase Transparency

Our sales attribution pixel gives you clear visibility into your campaign performance. Understand your access on a granular level, all with a simple install that takes under 5 minutes.

Optimize Spending

Use the insights from our pixel to optimize your ad spending. Invest in campaigns and influencers that yield the highest returns.

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