Smart Influencer Pricing with Dreamwell

Optimize your marketing budget with our data-driven influencer pricing insights. Stop overpaying for influencers that don't end up converting ad dollars into revenue.

Be Confident When Pricing Influencers

Dreamwell's influencer pricing models use AI to provide robust and comprehensive insights into how you should be pricing ad slots with influencers.


Price Comparison

Compare quoted prices with our recommended prices for influencers. Find arbitrage opportunities and get the most from your marketing budget.


Trending Influencers

Identify influencers as they are trending upwards in ad value. Get in early and maximize the impact of your campaigns by building a long-term relationship.


Consistency Check

Distinguish when creators aren't receiving consistent traffic. Make informed decisions and avoid investing in inconsistent performers.

The Benefits of Smart Influencer Pricing

With Dreamwell's influencer pricing, you gain valuable insights into how you should price your sponsorships to maximize profits.

Make Informed Decisions

Our detailed insights into influencer performance and pricing help you know when to avoid sponsorships and when to double-down for a long term brand deal with a top performing creator.

Maximize Your Budget

With our price comparison feature, you can discover arbitrage opportunities and get the best value for your money.

Optimize Campaign Performance

By identifying trending influencers and avoiding inconsistent performers, you can optimize the success of your influencer marketing campaigns.

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